Materials Handling

Denroy has a wealth of experience in supplying the automotive industry, and materials handling in particular, with a wide range of injection moulded components.

These components range from engine compartment products such as silencer brackets, air intake brackets and battery trays through to components requiring a high cosmetic finish such as light brackets, splash shields and dash board covers all of which are manufactured to customer specification.

The comprehensive range of on-site facilities enables Denroy to provide a complete package of product design through to assembly and forward shipment. Stock reduction programs such as JIT, KANBAN, KITSETS etc further enhance the service package offered to customers.

Typical components include:

  • Steering Column Covers
  • Gear Mounting Bases
  • Air Inlet Grills
  • Storage Compartments
  • Fasteners, plugs, etc.
  • Splash Shields
  • Insert Moulded Hand Levers