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Environmental Social Governance

Denroy is committed to building a long-term sustainable business, which will grow, provide employment and generate economic benefit in an environmentally and socially responsible way.

Generation of Onsite Electric
Reduction in Waste To Landfill
Reduction in Energy Usage
Tonnes Reduction in Carbon Dioxide Emissions
Our pledges

To deliver net zero by 2050 by minimising energy usage

To identify, invest in and use all forms of renewable energy

To reduce waste and maximise recycling and reuse of factory generated and post consumer waste.


To be an optimal employer and valued partner to society

To commit to diversity, equal opportunity and the wellbeing of our employees


To comply with all laws, rules and regulations

To conduct an unwavering adherence to the company’s core values

What commitments are we making?

Investment in solar panels on the factory roof as a source of renewable energy

Installation of insulation for greater thermal performance

Removal of single use plastics from Denman product packaging

Regrind and re-use of waste parts (e.g. sprues) to reduce waste to landfill

Collaboration with and contribution to The Plastic Bank

Commitment to promoting diversity in the workplace

Establishment of the Employee Engagement Programme

Achievement of the Diversity Charter Mark bronze award

Promotion of employee physical and mental health and wellbeing initiatives

Investment in continual training and development

Compliance with independent auditing and reporting structures

Adherence to corporate governance in an ethical manner

Commitment to the EFQM business model

Assurance of high standard health and safety practices

Compliance with legal and organisational frameworks and regulations