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People – The Heart of the Factory!

People – The Heart of the Factory!

Monique Moore

Business Support Administrator


1.Tell me a bit about your role at Denroy.

Originally, I  started working within the company at Denpro in 2020 by helping manufacture the FFP3 masks. These masks were used as the last line of defence to protect our health care workers against COVID-19. From there, I was able to progress into the role of quality assurance which allowed me to gain a wider variety of skills and gave me the opportunity to work at the main Denroy factory where I developed a greater understanding of the company and the different departments.

I later joined the finishing department which involved assembling the brushes, and a few months later applied for a job role within the Denman office working in the sales department. This new job role was advertised with full training provided which gave me the confidence to reach for something I would have never thought I could do without specific qualifications.

My current role involves supporting the sales and e-commerce team by tracking sales across our global Amazon accounts and ensure the smooth running of the accounts on the Amazon marketplace. This includes highlighting any issues that may appear and raising support tickets with Amazon to resolve these problems. We work as a close knit team and lean on each other for support and information.


2. What do you like best about working at Denroy?

Based on my experience with Denroy, I have been lucky enough to have been given the opportunity to grow within the company even though I may not have had a higher education. I like that Denroy gives their staff the opportunity to advance within the company if that’s what they wish to do. The people I have worked with are like one big family, the sense of community is one of the main things that makes working here so enjoyable. I have made so many close bonds and friendships that will last a lifetime, and these people have been there encouraging and supporting me every step of the way.


3. What skills and expertise do you bring to the team?

I believe that I have worked in many different types of jobs and roles compared to the average person, which I have no doubt that working in such a variety of workplaces with so many demographics of people has expanded my knowledge and the ways I problem solve and approach tasks and challenges. I also believe the mentors I have had within my roles have played a key role on developing all the skills I currently obtain; thanks to their patience and knowledge I am where I am now. Additionally, I wouldn’t be where I am without having the team around me in each area of the business. Due to my experience within various departments, I bring insights and expertise to my current role where I am able to consider the supply chain in my day-to-day work.


4. Have you completed any recent qualifications or courses that have helped you with your job?

Denroy have put me through many courses and qualifications to help me progress within my roles. I had the opportunity to acquire my ISO 14001, 9001 & 13485, Multiple BSI courses, and was fully trained to carry out fit testing on the TSI portacount plus 8040. I also got the experience of shadowing a student who showed me how destructive testing worked which involved a very comprehensive understanding of how our plastic make up acts layer by layer that allows us to see any flaws or strengths within a material. I have also completed my first aid training at work allowing me to be able to support and help my colleagues, which has also given me confidence with anything first aid related outside of work.

I am currently learning every day in this new job, including attending weekly webinars that help me understand the ins and outs of business and online sales and there is still so much more opportunity to learn within my role with training and courses that will help develop my growth.


5. Can you provide any insights into future targets you want to achieve within your role?     

My own personal targets currently would be to expand my knowledge within my role and e-commerce. If I could say one thing about my experience with Denroy as a company is that there is always room to expand your knowledge and grow and always an opportunity to experience different job roles and pathways. I look forward to seeing my further progression within the company and where it takes me.