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People – The Heart of the Factory

People – The Heart of the Factory

Nathan Howell

Denroy Aerospace Operative



  1. Tell me a bit about your role at Denroy.

My day-to-day role in Denroy, as an aerospace stock controller, consists of monitoring stock levels, tracking the movement of all aerospace stock and keeping records of all stock moves and job issues. I do regular cycle counts to make sure all stock levels are maintained and also collaborate with my supervisor to make sure we are working towards targets.


2. What do you like best about working at Denroy?

I enjoy working with the Aerospace team and being part of a company known for its innovative solutions.


3. What skills and expertise do you bring to the team?

I have worked for the Denroy group for 4 years now and I like to pride myself on being very organised within my job role. I bring knowledge of stock control, data analyst, problem solving, purchase orders, process operations and have great analytical skills.


4. Have you completed any recent qualifications or courses that have helped you with your job?

I am doing a level 2 Excel course with SERC that will help me create charts and tables so I can manage the stock easier.


5. Can you provide any insights into future targets you want to achieve within your role?     

My future goal would be to progress within the Aerospace department to Team lead or progress to a department Supervisor within the Denroy Group.