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People – The Heart of the Factory

People – The Heart of the Factory

Bill Lynn

Denroy Moulding Foreperson

  1. Tell me a bit about your role at Denroy.

I oversee the injection moulding process team. I also assist other departments in trouble shooting product issues and testing new materials.


2.What do you like best about working at Denroy?

Having an input with the design department in being able to mould for manufacturing new products is very enjoyable. I also like testing the new tools and new materials to verify the design. Leading the moulding team is a great job – seeing people grow in their role and capabilities is a very fulfilling part of my job.


3. What skills and expertise do you bring to the team?

I have worked for Denroy for over 30 years. Starting as an Apprentice Polymer Technician, I was involved in condition setting, machine and tool maintenance and tool design. All these skills have equipped me with the knowledge and understanding that I use every day, and this is what I hope to impart to the rest of the moulding team.


4. Have you completed any recent qualifications or courses that have helped you with your job?

I completed a Polymer Process Degree several years ago and this, along with being able to apply and relate what I have learnt in a practical manner, has armed me with the knowledge to problem solve in the early stages of the Denroy design process. Denroy, over the years, have moulded close to every injection moulded grade of material on the market, in all shapes and sizes.


5. Can you provide any insights into future targets you want to achieve within your role?     

I have a long list of future targets to achieve within my role. There are so many advances in manufacturing technology which I can see both online and at exhibitions. I wish for that to continue. Working for Denroy, as a moderately sized company compared to quite a few of our global customers, carries with it great responsibilities and rewards. I remember being told by two great gentlemen that I was very fortunate to work under years ago: “Bill, there is a reason why these large corporations choose Denroy, what we do, we do well.” Denroy is a company who strives to create partnerships and I completely buy into that ethos. I hope our customers think the same.